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Single Sign On (SSO)

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There are many online services that are being used for the operational purposes by Govt. Employees, however, as there are altogether different paths and access methods for each of the applications that make it difficult to remember the domain name, login id and password for each & every web application.

The Government of MP is in the process of implementing a Single Sign On Portal through which all govt. employees can access multiple web portals/applications with single sign in process. In SSO user will be log in to one system with the one set of credentials and get the access to other services/applications which are on boarded on SSO portal and they opted for. With SSO portal user can easily switch between the multiple requested applications with single click. It eliminates further prompts when they switch applications during a particular session.

In order to get the benefit from single sign in process, user has to create the account on MPSSO portal. After the creation of SSO account user will be able to login for all the requested online application provided by the MP govt. with single sign in procedure. 

Why it is useful?

Convenience- Users no longer have to struggle with multiple domain names, usernames and passwords & remembering which one is for which account.

Productivity- If available applications are easier to access; they will be used more effectively.

User Experience- Users can move between services securely and uninterrupted without specifying their credentials each time. SSO effectively joins these individual services into portals and removes the service boundaries - switching from one application to the next appears seamless to the user.

Security- The user’s credentials are provided directly to the central SSO server, not the actual service that the user is trying to access, and therefore the credentials cannot be cached by the service. The SSO service – limits the possibility of phishing.


How SSO Works?

  • Madhya Pradesh Govt. Departments have to be complete the formalities to be On-boarded on the MPSSO Portal.
  • MP government has implemented Email Policy for all government employees. On SSO portal govt. employees will need to get registered with their official email id and password along with the basic information.
  • The SSO portal will be integrated with other govt portals/applications.
  • On login in the SSO portal, user will be displayed a list of on-boarded application at MPSSO. To access the target application user need to set the username, password and assigned role of selected application (if applicable) which he/she uses to login into the particular application. This will be one time activity.
  • All selected application will be displayed at the dashboard of the user.
  • On clicking on the selected application user will be redirected to the respective application's dashboard.
  • Some parameters will be passed from SSO portal to website using encryption.
  • The entered credentials along with security tokens will be sent to targeted application server for authentication. Necessary security measures will be taken in consideration. The communication will be end-to-end encrypted.
  • After authentication, the login credentials of respective web application will be kept in SSO database in encrypted form.
  • Every website will manage role authorization, rights and user credentials within the applications.
  • If user changes his/her username and password in the target application, he/she needs to change the login credentials for respective application in SSO portal also

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